• Product Name:Ceramic substrates


DBC substrate are composed of a ceramic insulator,Al2O3 or AIN onto which pure copper metal is attached by a high temperature eutectic melting process and thus tightly and firmly joined to the ceramic.DBC substrates have high thermal conductivity,excellent electrical insulation,excellent current carrying capability,and good mechanical strength,and the thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of silicon etc.As a new and high capability substrate.DBC substrates have been used widely in electric power and electronic industry.

Excellent mechanical strength 
Excellent electrical insulation 
High thermal stability solid-state relays
High thermal conductivity

The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of silicon may be structured just like printed circuit boards 


Power LED module 

Electronic heating devices

 High frequncy switch mode power supplies(SMPS)

Concentrator Photovoltaic Arrays (CPV)solar arrays

Power semiconductor modules

Automobile electronics

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